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As a luxury custom home builder in the Hamilton area, we’ve built our reputation on hard work, quality workmanship and integrity since 1982.

Luxury Custom Home Building Services in Hamilton

There are many reasons to choose Hamilton as the location for your new custom home. One of those reasons is Andy Jonkman Construction – a premier custom home builder with 40 years’ industry experience. Specializing in both design and construction, Andy Jonkman Construction offers each of their clients access to highly skilled teams to lead them through their home build from start to finish.

Throughout the entire custom home design & build process, we work tirelessly with our homeowners to create the perfect blend of aesthetics and functional elements necessary to making your house home. In initial concept meetings, our design team will help you solidify the overall vision for your home while our architects nail your new home’s blueprints.

Once we break ground on the construction on your home, our meticulous construction team will work alongside you to ensure premium quality finishes and the utmost attention to detail from the ground up. Once construction is complete, our post-construction team will complete all the finishing touches you need prior to your move-in date.

Whether you’re looking to work with your own carefully selected architect or our own in-house design team, Andy Jonkman Construction can be your trusted partner when it comes to planning and building your dream custom home. For more information on building your own custom home, contact the team at Andy Jonkman Construction today.

Andy Jonkman Construction is a luxury custom home builder in Hamilton.

Other Services

Luxury Home Renovations

As the real estate market in Hamilton booms, investing in your home with a luxury renovation or addition is a great way to build equity in your home or find more reasons to love your current home. Tackling multi-room or whole home renovations is a breeze with Andy Jonkman Construction. We can help you design your ultimate living space while making the process as stress-free as possible.

Custom Garages and Workshops

Whether to create a customized workspace or your dream hobby shop, a custom-built garage or workshop can be an excellent way to carve out the space you need. Together with the team at Andy Jonkman Construction, we can help you design and build your ideal garage or workshop.

Agricultural Construction

To run optimally, your agricultural buildings need to meet the demands of your operation perfectly. At Andy Jonkman Construction, our experience in building for agriculture means that we fully understand and can accommodate your every need. For more information on designing and building your next agricultural facility, contact us today.

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