The purpose of this blog is to showcase the steps involved in building a passive home by going through the steps on a current home under construction.

You can read our earlier blog for what is a passive house and how to achieve it. The house we are constructing is a modern design with flat (green) roofs and large windows.

As you can see by the design sketches below, the roof has large overhangs to provide shade to the windows during the summer and is constructed with special wall and roof detailing to maximize the insulation values while maintaining super air-tight construction.

As this is not your typical house design, this will require special attention all the way through! House design and renderings were completed by Akb Architects in Toronto, the passive design and wall assemblies were completed by Passive Design Solutions from the east coast of Canada, and the green roof and landscape design were completed by award winning Virginia Burt Designs from Dundas, Ontario.

Continue to follow our updates to see construction progress.